The ShavenLook Project – The new and alternative non surgical treatment for hair loss by Daz Day

Shavenlook websiite mini

This is one of our latest website projects completely custom built to Darren’s specifications.

What an interesting business

We have been given the opportunity to see into the world of Scalp micro-pigmentation and see first hand what its all about.

During the photography for this website we were invited to meet all Darren’s clients and speak with them about the treatment and how they came to discover SMP.
I arrived to take the photos and had to look twice at the guys heads as it really doesn’t look like they were bald at all. Every one of his clients have different reasons for choosing this type of treatment and everyone is taken care of by Daz in the same way.  Daz Day him self tried various hair loss treatments before he chose to have the SMP treatment some years ago, so he has first hand experience of how it can effect the confidence of a person.  This being said its clear Daz obtains a strong connection and relationship with his clients and you can really tell when observing him work.

The results are fantastic !

In the niche world of Scalp micro-pigmentation Daz Day prides himself as being one of the best, visiting Australia, Texas USA and even working on the famous Harley Street in London to help the industry grow and raise awaerness.  Im lucky to have a full head of hair right now but I can absolutly see why this type of treatment is becoming more and more popular for male pattern balding sufferers.

When we built the website we wanted to make it clear and easy to navigate around which we believe we have achieved with clean colours and professional images that show exactly how this business works.  Daz has taken our advice to use more video on the site especially when it comes to FAQs so these things will be added once the filming and editing has been complete.

Take a look at the website

You can take a look at The Shavenlook website by following the link here –