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Social Media Management

Changing the way you market you business

Facebook and Twitter have a combined number of active users near the 2 billion mark and growing everyday. Social Media has innovated the way businesses gain new customers.

Consumers and businesses alike take to Social Media to determine the reliability and quality of a product or service they are seeking by reading reviews and looking at the number of followers, comments, shares etc the page has had.

The management of Social Media sites, whilst crucial to direct traffic and interest to your website and business, is a very time consuming task.

We can help you focus on what your good at by managing your sites for you, thus helping increase the number of people you are interacting with.

Social Media Management Package


Social Media is quickly becoming a vital part of any small business’ marketing strategy. Engagement is high and customers want timely responses and easy access to your services.


What’s on offer?

We understand that social media is sometimes an afterthought and is usually at the end of a very long list of tasks when you run your own business. That’s where we come in. We offer engaging social media content which is scheduled to suit, on a daily or weekly basis - keeping your customers in the loop and ensuring you’re their first choice, each and every time.


At Websites 4 Startups, we ensure your social media presence is professional, appropriate to your audience and, more importantly, consistent. A strong social media presence can promote your business as being reliable, credible and approachable – key things to expanding your customer base. Sounds great doesn’t it? We think so!


Here's what’s included in a nutshell:


  • Content posted on a pre-agreed schedule to Facebook and Twitter
  • Relevant articles and images specifically chosen for your brand.
  • Unique content from our writers; appropriate to your audience and specific to your business needs.
  • Weekly promotion of your company’s products and services
  • Consistent use of popular hashtags to increase your visibility
  • UK-based support centre available via email, phone, and chat. We’re here to help!


Once you have signed up we will arrange a chat to find out about you and your business. It’s important we have a feel for who you are and what you do. We want to ensure your online presence is the embodiment of your values and long-term business goals. Then you can relax, let us do all the hard work so you can focus on the rest of your day-to-day tasks.

We don’t hang around - within 2-3 business days of gaining access to your pages and accounts, we’ll begin posting content.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who will have access to my accounts?

Our trained social media specialists will schedule daily and weekly posts to keep your audience engaged. Your information will be kept secure and you can be assured that you are in safe hands.


How will you know what to post for my company?

We have an initial consultation either by phone or face-to-face. Your social media specialists will then set to work researching your industry, local area and competitors – we want to ensure you bit the ground running. From our first post, you can be assured that it will be relevant and engaging.


What if I have specific products or promotions I want to include?

It’s simple; email us the information with as much detail as possible to We'll get started as soon as possible to ensure you get maximum exposure.


Do I still have access to my pages?

Of course! They are still very much your pages to do with as you please – you can respond to direct messages if you wish or leave it to us to handle - we're here to improve your social media experience.


Do I have to sign a contract?

Circumstances can change and business can be unpredictable so we don’t agree with contracts – we’re confident that you’ll see the value in what we do. All we ask is for 30 day’s notice as we will constantly be scheduling your future posts.


How Much Does it Cost?

Fresh content for your Facebook or Facebook and Twitter pages, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for one crazy low price:
Facebook Only:  £100 per month
Facebook and Twitter combo: £150 per month



All packages include social media design

So what’s in it for me?


  • Scheduled posts on Facebook and Twitter
    Whether you have a promotion, a new product or just simply want to keep your audience engaged, we will post relevant material to your accounts at popular times – we use tried and tested theories to get the most reach.


  • Relevant content
    We will use articles, images and videos which are relevant to your business and will ensure your audience stay interested. Research shows that over-selling can cause readers to switch off or un-follow, so we will keep content fresh and varied.


  • Content Specialists at your fingertips
    Highly trained Content Specialists know all the tricks of the trade – posting at the right time can make all the difference and they know exactly how to ensure attention will be piqued.


  • Profile building
    So many social media profiles are incomplete, inaccurate or simply don’t give the right impression. We will review your pages and ensure they fit you and your business .


  • More followers
    Social Media is only useful if you have an audience – we will promote your pages at a local and national level to increase your followers. It’s the digital version of ‘Word of Mouth’ and is priceless.


Ready to get started with Social Media Marketing?

Contact us today and let’s get started