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What’s in the box?

  • Premium responsive theme – Our websites are fully responsive to all mobile and tablet devices so the website adapts to the screen size it is being viewed on automatically.
  • Logo design - We will design you an image that represents your business.
  • Buying a domain name – Your domain name is the address for your website, each is unique so finding the right one is key. We can assist you in the purchasing of your chosen name.
  • Hosting - Think of hosting as the landlord of your domain. In order for your website to be visible online a hosting service is required.
  • 20 licensed images – By licensed, we mean images that are not protected by property intelligence laws. Copying images from Google is a no no.
  • Unlimited number of pages – You can have as many pages on your website as you wish so long as the content and licensed images are provided. That being said remember simple is key and too much information on your site isn’t always necessary.
  • Google map – Have a map built into your website highlighting the business address. This helps people find you more easily and can quickly request directions.
  • Statistical reports - On request we can provide statistical data on how your website is performing. These reports can help with understanding how people are interacting with your website.
  • Basic SEO – Search Engine Optimisation; this is how your website gets found using keywords in a Google search. A basic SEO strategy will help people find your website using keywords.Example: when you're looking for a locksmith in your local area you would type something like – Locksmith Nottingham or Locksmith in Nottingham, from there you will receive a list of websites that are optimized to show in the results. The better and more in depth the SEO the more frequent and higher you will rank in the search results. Obtaining page one on Google should never be promised or guaranteed but for a better chance at obtaining a top position we would recommend the more advanced SEO option in the additional extras.
  • Social media link buttons – Link buttons to open the relevant social media page such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Info@ email address –The info@ web address is a good way to keep enquiries separate to your day to day personal emails and is a more professional way to communicate with your potential customers.
  • Tap to call buttons – Simple buttons spread around the site, which makes it easier for visitors to make a call directly to you.
  • Custom forms - Collect contact details and information with a custom form that gets submitted straight into your mailbox. Forms can be designed to capture as much information as you need.
  • Flyer and business card design – We design your first flyer and business cards so you can get started with them straight away. We have a strong relationship with local printers so we can even order them for you too.
  • Facebook graphics design – A Facebook business page is an excellent way to promote your product or service’s and by making sure the Facebook graphics match the website it keeps your business looking professional.
  • Maintenance - along side monthly hosting we provide updates, edits, and general modifications of your website to keep things running smoothly.

How much does it cost?

As all website projects are as individual as fingerprints we do our best to keep the cost down without compromising on quality. We will give you an individual price based on your requirements and we guarantee to over deliver every time.

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Additional Extras (optional)

This is for giving your project the upper hand and making sure you give it that all important boost.

  • Full SEO – search engine optimisation at its fullest giving you the best chance of natural ranking without having to pay for additional Google adverts otherwise known as Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Facebook marketing – Facebook being the largest social media platform globally, helping you reach your potential customers with attractive adverts that targets the specific audience relevant to your business. We will set up a campaign to the value of £20 and even show you how to do it yourself for future advertising.
  • Website Photography - Stock images are great but if your confident with being in front of the camera why not infuse your website with some real working photos of your team and show your potential clients in more detail what you do, this can help install trust with customers and is a great complement to your bespoke website.  We have both Paul and professional photographer David Clifford ready to take your snaps.
  • Indexing - Sites such as Yell, Scoot, Yelp, Hot Frog etc.. are used day in, day out by consumers who are searching for all types of businesses. We will register and categorise you in the top 30 giving you more chance of being found in alternative ways.
  • Google places register –When a business is searched for locally the closest 7 relevant to the search will appear on a map labeled A-G. Being registered with Google places dramatically increases your chances of getting to page 1. Google places puts your business on the map.
  • Content writing – Content writing is the most labouring part of creating a website, however, the content is what will draw attention and help you rank higher in the search engines. We provide a professional content writing service saving you the time and stress of writing it yourself.

Custom Projects

If you already have a vision of how you see your website and it requires a more bespoke approach then please complete the contact us form to make an appointment so you can discuss your ideas with a member of the team.

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