Online chat via your website

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Have you ever seen one of those little message tabs at the bottom of the screen, I think its safe to say we have all used one at some point and agree they are very useful.  Its pretty much the next best thing to actually speaking to someone directly. Basically you hit the tab and ask a question that you either couldn’t be bothered to find the answer for on the site or you actually can’t find the answers your looking for, once your message or question goes through your greeted by an agent of the company that is always happy to help.

We wanted to give one a bit of a test drive so we did and we chose one called Zopim.  you may of seen it on our website bottom right of the screen, try it out il be ready and waiting 🙂


This is just a quick blog post to give you guys the heads up about how GREAT it is.

So first things first, how much does it cost ? Well its got pros and cons here as there is a free version and actually this is the one we use and find it does everything we need it to do although the paid versions have more features our team is only small so we didn’t see the need to upgrade. If you do decide to go for a more upgraded version the price is fairly low and can really make the difference when it comes to having the ability to engage with poetical clients.

When you first sign up you get a 12 day trial of the fullest version so you can see if you would in fact use any of the extra functions.

One thing we did like is that there is an app to go with the software so you can actually respond to potential customers on the fly via your mobile or tablet which means you don’t have to be stuck behind your desk all day to answer questions.

Another great thing about this software and the app is that it actually triggers an alert when someone enters your site so you can quickly compose your self and be ready to respond.

This is all great but we advise to turn this function off if you are out enjoying a drink with your friends lol,  it’s so easy to type back just like text messages 🙂

As always here is the link to the site so you can read more along with the app if you do embed it into your website.

Website –

Mobile app iphone-

Mobile app Android –

Final notes – If any of you reading this are clients of ours please free to contact myself or Carla and we can arrange setting it up for you absolutely FREE 🙂