Bin The Junk!


What if I said you could get rid of all the junk email in a few simple clicks?

Who’s got thousands of Email subscriptions that have built up over time and you keep saying to yourself ” ill unsubscribe to them later”  Me, Me, Me!!!

Much like the duplicate contacts list I had, this was the bane of my emails and my inbox was full to the brim.  I was receiving about 200 emails a day and the little envalope icon on my phone was in the 1000’s. Im sure I’m not the only one!

Why does this happen?

A casual surfing session had me inadvertently signing up to enough newsletters and offers online that if I made prints of these pesky things I would have enough to start my own library.

Have no fear I have found a solution and its EASY!

In minutes of allowing access you will have a list of all the subscriptions you have made and all you need to do is tick the ones you don’t want to receive anymore and Pooooof! They’re gone.
The ones that you still like to receive can be sent to one inbox thats called your Rollup so instead of receiving loads you get one email and you can go right ahead and pick and choose which ones you want to read SIMPLES!

it works with all the main platforms including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL

As always we have saved you the trouble of hunting this little gem down, simply click the link image below and thank me later 🙂